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Our Management team

Misterhosting has a a team of technology veterans who work together with the CEO to ensure that the company continues to grow.

Depredurand Nicolas, Founder and Chairman :
Depredurand Nicolas is an entrepreneur who founded Misterhosting in his college dorm room at Oxford Brookes University. He founded the company in 2003 and oversaw and played an integrat part in Misterhosting's growth to small company with only 2 servers to a world leading web hosting provider with more than 1,000 servers under management and more than 50 employees. As chairman of the company's Board of Directors, Nicolas currently oversees Misterhosting from a strategic level and is involved with major decisions affecting the company.
Before founding Misterhosting, Nicolas developed popular web sites. Frustrated with the declining ad rates and seeking a way to further monetize his existing dedicated server, Nicolas entered the hosting industry and started Misterhosting in 2003. In his free time, Nicolas is actively working on obtaining his pilot's license.

Mangin Ryan, Co-Charman :
Ryan grew up in Paris where he met the founder and chairman Depredurand Nicolas. He leads the company's executive team, with a focus on strategy, marketing, product development, and HR.
Before Misterhosting, Ryan managed four retail stores that specialized in selling T-Mobile
Ryan views Misterhosting as a growing family and enjoys computers, technology, and gadgets.

Harding Christophe, Chief technical Officier :
As Chief Technical Officer at Misterhosting, Christophe is responsible for managing the technical side of Misterhosting, including server security and optimization, application programming, technical problem resolution, and management of the company's technical staff.
Before joining Misterhosting, Christophe was a student, built custom servers and has worked as server administrator in a well known company. Even though Christophe attended college, he is mostly self-taught. When he doesn't work, he enjoys computers, technicoly, hacking, and learning technology. He is well known at Misterhosting to work hard in order to terminate all work in progress and to avoid any service interruption.

Ordera Franck, Chief Marketing Officer :
Franck manages the company's affiliate program and advertising campaigns. He also manages the Misterhosting's referencing.
Before joining Misterhosting in 2005, Franck worked as a marketing specialist.

Pederiva Camille, Director of Human Ressources :

She is responsible for recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, payroll, and fostering employee growth and development.
Before Misterhosting, she was an administrative assistant in a well known company.
She enjoys campnig and shopping.

Geldri Mathieu, Support Manager :

Mathieu is in charge of support and system administration at Misterhosting. He works closely with the CEO and Director of Human Resources to ensure that Misterhosting has the technology and team necessary to continue to grow and excel in the web hosting industry.
Before Misterhosting, Mathieu was a Level III Administrator at a well known company. In his spare time, he likes playing video games and listen music.

Selordro Ludovic, Chief administrator, technical assistant :
Ludovic started as a chat technician at Misterhosting in March 2007 and less than two years later, he became chief administrator, technical assistant. Mathieu is responsible for handling server upgrades and migrations, software development, and other day-to-day technical responsibilities including assisting with the recruitment.
Before Misterhosting, Mathieu was a student in a great University.
When he doesn't work, he likes playing wideo games and music.

Sandorsen Gregory, Customer Service Manager :
Gregory is responsible for customer feedback management and customer service. Gregory's duties also include maintaining Misterhosting's online communication channels such as Twitter & Facebook.
Before joining MisterHosting, Gregory was a student in a great private college. He joined Misterhosting in 2007 as an Hotliner in the commercial team, he worked his way up to a supervisor position, and was promoted in april of 2010 to Customer Service Manager. Gregory's primary goal is ensuring that Misterhosting's reputation as a leader in customer service is well maintained.

MisterHosting will be the web hosting provider of your website soon
and you will know why you made the good choice.

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