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Misterhosting assets

Whether you are a beginner or a professionnal, we have the perfect solution for the web hosting of your website. Here are our assets :

1. The best offers of the market (quality/price/space/services)
Our web hosting packages offer EVERYTHING you need for a simple website at the best price of the market ! We can offer until 5 times more advantages than all our competitors on the international market. We offer more disk space, traffic, and services than every provider on the Internet.
2. A trustworthy company is a service offered by the Ligne Web Services Group ( Company created in 1999). We are working in our own offices with our team who supervise our servers and network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ligne Web Services has today more than 100,000 websites on its own servers.
3. A fast network connection
Our network is directly connected to one of the best bandwidth of the world ( internet 2.5 GBit/s, quality, BGP4 multioperators). Also, our availability rise up to 99,9%.
4. A server configuration in Load Balancing
Profit from the last technology. Thanks to our servers installed in charge balance "Load Balancing", your Website will pratically nerver be stopped within the reinstallations, the maintenances and the servers errors. Misterhosting offers you the biggest smooth running periods in comparison with the others providers !
5. We use our own equipment and Control Panel
Misterhosting uses its own last generation equipment (IBM, Dell et SuperMicro). All our servers are configured and installed by our technical team. Most web hosting providers rent the servers and are only resellers. We use our own softwares to manage our servers. Our infrastructure has entirely been settled by our team. We perfectly know our servers and its configurations so we can guarantee you that your web hosting will be open within 4 hours ( domain name included ).
6. A FREE and quick to react customer support
We offer a technical help by e-mail and phone. Our team does everything possible to help you to publish your website. We support you so that your website and e-mails work without any problem and complication.
7. Unique services
- 2 statistics analyzers for your web hosting ( Awstats and Webalizer).
- An easy to use Interface to manage your web hosting (Emails, Stats, Webmail, Ftp, 404 Page, FrontPage, Mysql, DSN ACCESS, Formail, visits meter, subdomains...)

8. Equipment updated
Our team constantly improve our systems with the last technologies. Our team creates new tools in order that our services are as easy to use and reliable as possible. Every update can be used by our customers at no extra cost.
9. More than 10 preinstalled and free softwares
We give you 'Lws Installer', a tool which will allow you to easily install fonctionalities and websites in your web hosting space. (Blog, photo album, Forum, visitors' book, Agenda, internet portal, Drupal, Joomla, Spip, Nukel Klan, OsCommerce, Phpbb, PrestaShop, Coppermine, Piwigo, B2evolution, Wordpress ...)
You can add so many installations since your web hosting package allows you. You can also delete easily your installations using our tools, don't hesitate to try everything you want !
10. Guarantee of satisfaction
Today our satisfaction amounts to 92%, its arithmetic is done according to the cancellation and renewal rate of our customers each year.

We constantly improve our services according to the questions and the problems of our customers.
our only aim is to satisfy you completely.

Trust partner :
MisterHosting will be your trust partner for your website and e-mails, we are not a reseller, we use our own premises, with our own servers. We are an official domain name registrar and our technical team is constantly undergoing training about Linux and Windows systems.

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