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Environmental protection

MisterHosting has made the choice of an environment-friendly growth.
MisterHosting applies these ideological choices and save energy resources through innovative offers accommodation and new facilities and procedures. The Grenelle Environment marks the advent of a new society where the environment becomes a major concern for consumers.

According to a study Ifop, 95% of consumers believe that companies have a duty to get involved and take action for the environment. Now we want to get involved in our environmental approach by offering hosting solutions based on the latest environmental technologies.

MisterHosting acts in daily practice for the environment :

- We focus on server components with low power consumption, without additional cost to our customers.

- We recycle computer waste from our servers and prefer the reprocessing of electrical and electronic equipment in our procedures.

- We focus clean energy just like electricity by wind turbines, we constantly study new methods of cooling and server virtualization to reduce power consumption of our servers.

MisterHosting work only with a data center that uses sustainable development solutions.Among others, it incorporates the latest innovations such as the exchange natural thermal (free-cooling) which reduces the need for air conditioning and thus the power consumption. Our data center also uses a generator latest hydrogen fuel cell, which limits the emission of pollutants.

Reduction of CO2 without affecting the quality of services :

Every website hosted by MisterHosting is one an reliable green SuperMicro server". These servers produce 20% less CO2 without compromise the reliability of the server.

MisterHosting studies every year this new servers configuration-to-be. We optimize as possible the used electric power and the service we offer. That's why we are able to optimize as possible every Watt used by our server, and to offer a particularly eco-friendly service to our customers.

MisterHosting will be the web hosting provider of your website soon
and you will know why you made the good choice.

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