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Web hosting affiliate program

Join MisterHosting and earn money on every sent sign-ups. Earn thousands euros thanks to our Program. There is no better time to start promoting Misterhosting services than now!

How does it work ? :

1- Sign up for an affiliate account.
2- Select your banner / get HTML code.
3- Place code in your site and start earning!

1-5 sign-ups a month ------------------- You earn 50$ per sign up
6-10 sign-ups a month ------------------- You earn 75$ per sign up
11-20 sign-ups a month ------------------- You earn 100$ per sign up
21+ sign-ups a month ------------------- You earn 125$ per sign up

If you send us 21 sign-ups in any month you will get :
125 $ x 21 = 2625 $

MisterHosting will be the web hosting provider of your website soon
and you will know why you made the good choice.

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